Welcome to 'A Pen for His Glory'

It is my sincerest hope that you are able to look around this site and find something to read that will inspire you and bless you!

This website was set up for two reasons. The first reason is to reveal the Lord Jesus to the world and display His great love for each one of us. Whether you’ve been walking with Him for many years, or if you’ve never heard of Him before today, I believe that after sampling the literary works in this site you will leave with a greater appreciation of who He is, what He has done for each of us, and how wonderful it can be to share your life with Him.

The second reason for this site is to provide a venue to display my work. Having experienced the difficulties of traditional publishing and the shortcomings of self-publishing, I decided to “cast my bread upon the waters” and make my work available to anyone who happens to stumble upon it while surfing the web. If it has blessed you, then I encourage you to tell others about the site that it may bless them as well. Everyone seems to find that one special story or poem that affected them most deeply.

I have included a place for your comments and/or questions and I look forward to hearing from you. My blessing in this body of work is hearing how it has blessed you.

This website does not in any way purport to be a treatise on theology or doctrine, nor does it seek to uphold any denominational beliefs. It is simply a collection of short stories and poems that show the love and grace of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible as well as through my own experiences.

These stories are copyrighted and registered with the Library of Congress of the United States. I encourage you to share them, but reproduction for profit is strictly prohibited. Please also give credit for the work where credit is due. Copies of the book “Glimpses of My Friend the King” are available for sale both through Amazon.com as well as from me directly. Simply click on the appropriate tab or link.

Once again, I welcome you to A Pen for His Glory. I wish you a pleasant and rewarding stay!


      James Howard